Sunday, August 21, 2011


MVP Entertainment contacted me to do a tie-up promotion for the new Conan film starring Jason Momoa at STGCC, one week before the con. Tickets for every ROCKETRAYGUN sketchbook or print purchase, but I though I'd do a limited print-run poster for them to make the promo more exclusive.
Started with a rough sketch for layout, usually in red as its stands out even when the transparency is low. Then its details, details details. Thanks to everyone who got a copy, hope you enjoy the film.


Red pencils stand out even whentransparency is turned down low. This is my first piece done entirely on the Cintiq, which was an amazing experience.


The most important thing iguess when doing an official film painting is to get the characters accurate hence the details to Momoa was main focus. Though I heard some kid walk by the banner and say: Wow, thats the new Conan with Russel Brand. The rest of the composition had a tad less detail as I was trying a Frazetta principle, where you leave out details so focus automatically goes to the area you want people to look at, hence Jason's face just pops out.

Jason Momoa Conanflat

I usually add movement to the backgrounds and foreground, giving a sense of depth and action, like the character was having a vogue moment even while battling hordes of barbarian invaders.

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